How much practice?

Often, Maestoso  instructors are asked "How much should my child practice?"  The answer may be different for each student, but here are some general guidelines.

1. At least 15 minutes, 6 days a week is a good start for beginners.  At this point in their development, students are building a habit of practice.  Many students will play through their assigned pieces one or two times and then say that they are done practicing.  Set a timer, to ensure that 15 minutes pass before practice time is over.

2. Older students benefit from 30-45 minutes per practice session.  As they mature and develop the patience to sit longer, set that timer for up to 45 minutes.  Students should build a routine of scales, long tone exercises (especially wind instruments), etudes or solos, and ensemble music.

3. A wise conductor once said "Only practice on days that you eat."  This means that any day that students are healthy enough to eat, they should be practicing.


As Summer vacations approach, remember to schedule regular practice time.  If your student needs motivation, Maestoso Lessons and Ensembles are a great way to stay excited about music!